@ MongoDB

My main focus so far has been building MongoSwift, our official driver for Swift. The driver provides an idiomatic API for Swift applications to communicate with the database.

I also work on mongomirror, a utility written in Go that enables users to seamlessly migrate data between MongoDB replica sets.

I’ve also contributed to the Node.js and C drivers, and I’ve done rotations on the teams responsible for the Automation Agent, the BI Connector, and Sharding.


My master’s work focused on interviewing people who had experienced online harassment, and using their insights and input to build Squadbox, a tool to help people experiencing online harassment by allowing them to coordinate a “squad” of friends to moderate their incoming messages. You can learn more about the tool, try it out, and learn how to contribute to the project by checking out the website and GitHub repository. The project got some press coverage from Business Insider, Lifehacker, etc.

My collaborators and I published both a paper and an extended abstract about Squadbox at CHI 2018.