@ MongoDB


I’m a member of the Drivers team. We build the open source libraries that enable users of all programming languages to use MongoDB in their applications.

I’m the lead developer of MongoSwift, the official MongoDB Swift driver. The driver provides an idiomatic MongoDB API for server-side Swift applications running on MacOS and Linux. I wrote the driver from scratch, and I continue to maintain it and add new features along with a couple other members of the Drivers team.

In the past I’ve contributed to the MongoDB C and Node.js drivers, and worked on a number of utilities written in Golang, including mongomirror, Atlas Data Lake, and the MongoDB Agent.

I serve as a mentor to junior engineers and interns on my team, and speak about Swift, MongoDB, and related subjects at technical conferences.


Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2016-2017
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering, 2012-2016

My master’s research focused on interviewing people who had experienced online harassment, and using their insights and input to build Squadbox, a tool to help people experiencing online harassment by allowing them to coordinate a “squad” of friends to moderate their incoming messages. You can learn more about the tool, try it out, and learn how to contribute to the project by checking out the website and GitHub repository. The project got some press coverage from Business Insider, Lifehacker, etc.

My collaborators and I published both a paper and an extended abstract about Squadbox at CHI 2018.

My thesis is available on MIT DSpace.